Monday, August 20, 2012

Yoga, Deep Thought, Zandra Rhodes and Andrew Logan

       The exciting adventure of today started after work when I ran into Andrew Logan. Andrew is a phenomenal artist who works a lot with found objects and uses a lot of whimsical energy in his pieces. He is known widely and has created almost all of the artwork that I have been admiring in Zandra’s house. 
       I ran into him because, for the second time in two weeks, I decided to have a rest day after work, and for some reason I felt like doing that resting on my computer in the rainbow room. As it turns out, Andrew teaches Yoga every Monday in the rainbow room at 6:30, so when he came to set up yoga, we got to talking and I decided it would be nice to center my third eye and do some yoga with his group. 
      The thing I noticed right off the bat when talking with Andrew is that he has a very lovely energy about him. His personality is calm, but very warm and accessible, and I found the conversation really enjoyable. During yoga, when we were at the end lying flat in a sort of release meditation, he said something that stuck with me, he said “forget the past, forget the future, focus on now, live in now. Now is all you have.” I know its a simple thing to say but sometimes the most basic principals are the easiest to forget in the insanity of life. Tomorrow I will be visiting Andrew after he extended me an invited to come over to his house, which I have heard is very similar to Zandra’s in layout/color pallet, to hang out and see the place. 
     After yoga Zandra came upstairs to say hello. She is finally back and as vibrant as ever. After everyone left I was able to hang out with her for a bit, have a chat about some excellent accessories she picked up for her kitchen in California, and then she was off to do some unpacking. I am amazed that she didn’t need a nap, I think its around 5:00AM for her right now in USA time but she is going strong. Perhaps someday far in the future, when fashion has made its way into my blood stream, I too may have that kind of energy. 
     During work I had a realization - fashion and art are really about testing ones brain against its own potential. No one on this planet said that you have to create art, but we as artists do it in whatever form speaks to us, and we are not happy until our vision has been illustrated. And then we are only happy until we get inspired and have to go create more. I am always striving for my personal view of perfection, but what does perfection really mean when it comes to art? After all, artists are the trail blazers of the world, we create dreams and invent images, and yet, there is a certain level of perfection that comes along with it. This perfection is in the artists head, it the ultimate end goal of an uncharted task. Its like climbing a mountain that you’ve never climbed before, but you won’t stop climbing until you see a top you’ve never seen in your life because it doesn’t exist yet.
     For me, ever since I saw the sketches at the Designing 007 exhibit I cannot stop thinking about them. They are simple sketches of different film sets, normally done in felt tip marker, pen and pencil. But the rendering was so profound, so simple but elegant that ever since I saw those sketches I have wanted to achieve that simple style and apply it to fashion sketching. Suddenly, I find my sketching style is not good enough for myself. I think perhaps the point of art is that its never good enough. There is no amount of art the artists creates that is enough. Gertrude Stein once said “The artist's job is not to succumb to despair but to find an antidote for the emptiness of existence.” Perhaps the reason the true artist always feels the need to make art is that the antidote to existence is creation and the artist must not ever be 100% satisfied because if you're happy when something is done and you're not creating anymore, there is no reason left to continue to create, and without constantly creating you existence may be left empty and in despair. 

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