Monday, August 20, 2012

Saturday, a day of lost exploration.

Saturday and Sunday flew by! I find the more comfortable I get in London, the faster time moves. I have done so much here that I really feel like I almost live here full time. I have established a favorite: supermarket, rout to the tube, and my things to eat. I’ve gotten to know the people here, the way of life, and I realized Saturday night that too soon I will be headed back to Boston. 
Speaking about Saturday, I went to the Science Museum to see the alchemy exhibit which was REALLY cool. On the way to the museum I ended up getting lost and walking aimlessly around posh neighborhoods for about 2 hours. For some reason when walking around I kept getting more extensively lost, which is GREAT for my body, but bad for my feet. There is something strange that happens when you constantly realize your lost, you have to start motivating your brain to why it is your going to keep walking. I mean its obvious sure, you want to get somewhere you walk, but there is a certain point your body seems to ask you brain “Soooo, why are we doing this again? Its hot, I’m tiered, I hurt.” Its at that point you need to get motivated, my personal favorite motivation when my feet hurt is to think of a word for each step and once the sentence has finished start over. For example after the museums I visited, I decided to go to Harrods to get a snack and got lost again, and my feet were burning, so my stepping chant went a bit like this: Choc...o...late...and...Mar...zi...pan. You have to imaging walking fast, and each part of that chant is a step so its really chocolate and marzipan thats broken down into syllables because I coordinated my thinking with my walking pace. Basically I was walking down the street ver subtly chanting “chocolate and marzipan” to myself because that is what I planned on getting at Harrods.
Before that whole ordeal, however, I had to motivate myself for 2 hours to find this museum, Oh and did I mention Google Maps LIED to me and that is why in fact I was lost. Its strange because google maps is normally so good to me! 
When I FINALLY reached the science museum I was overjoyed!! It was literally like climbing a mountain and seeing the view from the top because I had been walking soo long. After entering, I strolled around the museum and looked at various things before I found the alchemy exhibit. Thankfully it was 100% worth the walk. 
Its hard to explain alchemy because I am still learning about it myself, but basically, its a type of really old science that built the foundation for a some of the scientific principals we have today. The unique thing about alchemy is that most of the elements and concepts were symbolized with picture, so that the it could have a code only alchemists could read. In our modern day society, that symbolism code has been cracked. This exhibit depicted the scrolls, books explanations and other various things temporarily on display. This scroll they have is an incredibly rare thing to see in person, it was really a beautiful item to have gotten to experience. 
After that exhibit I walked around and found a fashion exhibit of non-traditional materials that had been used to make clothing, shoes, all types of things. There was one jacket made of carpet from Vivienne Westwood that was a very nice piece, and some other really bizarre pieces ranging from a jacket made of metal wool type material, to shoes made of fake grass. 
By the time I decided I was done, my feet were loudly complaining and ALL I wanted to do was go to Harrods, get a piece of marzipan and some chocolate and go home to rest, however, life had a different plan. Alas, I got lost again, this time it was not Google maps fault, it was yours truly who had a horrid sense of direction. I took a 45-60 minuet detour and ended up finding some really cool things.
I found a few unique stores but the one most worth mentioning would have to be this hole-in-the wall store, that I was not even 100% sure was a store until i investigated. From the street it was a really dark ally with some really cool lamps at the beginning of it. The reason the ally was so dark was because it turned out to be a tunnel with no lighting that opened into a white room with lots of natural lighting. In the room there was a lot of what I call velvet furniture. The designers who own this store, take furniture or chandlers and wrap them artistically with bright colors of velvet. It was REALLY so so cool, if I only had a house to put this stuff in, I would have gotten a piece from them right away. They are so unique you know your not going to see this stuff anywhere else. 
After talking with the sales ladies about the collections, my marzipan and chocolate were calling, and I was still in fact, lost so I really had to be on my way. Upon finding that I went the wrong direction all together, I had to go back to the science museum area. On the way to the science store, I saw the V&A museum which I had been planning to do another day, but that was before I saw the “ball gowns exhibit” posted on the front and I knew, I needed to go in and see it. The nice thing about these museums are: they are all free for the most part. I went right in to check out the exhibit, passing all sorts of different halls of sculpture and such as I went. I wanted to explore it but I knew my body was not up for it, so I just did the ball gown exhibit. 
Once out I continued to Harrods, again, I got lost. 50 minutes of walking later I arrived at Harrods where I got my reward and headed home on the tube.
I had just enough time to hang out a bit before guests started arriving for a get-together at Zandra’s because its my room mates birthday on Wednesday, but we calibrated on Saturday. We all got the chairs out on the roof top deck and talked while having some snack and drinks from about 8pm-1am, well it was 1 for me because I had to get up for more adventures the next day! 

On the left, a dress from the V&A ball gown exhibit.
A random picture of Zandra Rhodes roof deck, more to come :)

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