Monday, August 6, 2012

Hello London!

First, let me start off this blog entry by telling you where I am writing this: My room was not ready so I was told to use Zandra’s for the night of my stay here because my room is not ready, which means I will be sleeping in her quarters which is amazing! But let me tell this story of arrival to properly illustrate the my arrival, I will get to the description of this room later on. 

       From the outside, Zandra’s Rhodes house of textiles, all you see is orange, yellow and pink.  This large building has been painted orange with yellow and hot pink accents, standing three stories high. It was so amazing to arrive in front of it, that I stood outside the building, looking at the it for a brief second to make sure I was actually here before buzzing up to get checked in. I was then directed to a side door because of my baggage, once inside the door, I realized the outside colors of the building could not even begin to address the wonderful magic inside. 
The immediate hallway I walked into had a floor embedded with stones in various whimsical designs. There is a sculpture of a giant white pyramid on top of a Z that has been set into the wall in its own alcove painted royal blue. I continue to the elevator, up to the second floor. I find my way to the elevator and up to the 1st floor where I am greeted and shown in. The first thing that I notice about this place is that there is art and beautiful items EVERYWHERE. On the walls, in piles, some of it neat, some of it stacked, some of it hung. The walls are alive as they all bear different colors. There is magnificent lamps, photos, potery, and other artifacts dressing each wall. We walk into the room I am told that I will be temporarily leaving my luggage until tomorrow and all I can do is silently look around for this room is a combination of a library, an art gallery, and a collection of items from all over the world. There are stacks of books on shelves that reach the ceiling. I am told I am to be given the day off to walk around London, or take a nap, anything I please due to my probable exhaustion. 
I decline the nap graciously because I was much too excited to sleep right then. I am shown the different department rooms: where the fabric is laid out and cut, the room where textiles are designed on paper, where the kitchen is. Unfortunately we could not go into the room where the textiles are made because there was a team photographing and archiving some outfits where the doorway is. After the tour I am given a set of keys to her apartment and and a set to the building its self. The key to her apartment is large, historical looking, and not like any key I have had the opportunity to use, but I think they are very fitting to the building in its character. 
After being left to my own devises, I decide to take a walk back to the London Bridge tube stop which I arrived from. I keep going to the right, I walk across London Bridge and get a perfect view of the Tower Bridge. I walk alone the side of the river, cross over the Tower Bridge, and come back, this takes me around an hour and when I get back my exhaustion is evident, and it is time for a nap. 
       When I arrive back I go upstairs and to Zandra’s apartment. Zandra’s room is painted a bright pink color, in fact to my satisfaction, anything that could be painted in this room has been painted hot pink. There has been large paintings of roses stuck on the pink wall like a colash sort of wallpaper. Hanging on the walls on each side of the room, there is to be what looks like two GIANT rose sculptures, that have been completely covered in hot pink glitter. To complement this, a matching glitter rose, and pink painted metal chandelier hangs over the bed. This room also obtains art, an amazing amount of Zandra’s custom dresses, and more worldly possessions. But the one thing that caught my attention out of all of this: a work out bike painted the same color as the wall with the same hand made wall-paper roses stuck all over it, it redefines fabulous.  
To end this entry I will share that I will start work in the morning. I am to be in the design room by 9am and I couldn’t be more excited! 

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