Thursday, August 2, 2012

Testing...One, Two...

      Testing... one, two, testing... one, two, is everything on this blog up and running correctly? If you are reading this entry then everything seems to be working just fine. Its funny how much pressure you feel when you start writing a new entry to the world. There is so much that has already happened in my life worth saying, and yet, I will start in the most unlikely of beginnings: packing for London. 
       When I look around my living room, all I can see is a sea of what appears to be my belongings and two open, partially filled suitcases. Bits of undecided clothing, accessories, and shoes litter my apartment. I look down at everything, expecting a sudden packing list to pop into my head telling me what I need to bring, and yet, nothing in this room seems to answer my question: What does one bring when interning with Zandra Rhodes? I feel like I am about to go embark on a fashion triathlon where each event is a surprise. Suddenly, I have nothing to wear that makes sense in this foreign land of textiles and magic. “Thats IT!” I think, “I have nothing to wear, therefor I am going to show up NAKED!!” Suddenly I am picturing a class far in the future learning about the famous designer Sarah Burke, who refused to wear clothing because it was too overwhelming of a decision to make. A smile cracks my face, and suddenly packing is not as hard as being potentially known as, “the designer who never wore clothes.” 
       When I finally emerge from the pile that was once my closet, two neat suitcases have magically appeared packed with clothing, and are now patiently awaiting accessories. That will be tomorrows task (two more days to go, plenty of time...right?) What I have learned from today's trip preparation, which ALWAYS baffles me when I attempt to define my life with two suitcases, is that my personality can be explained within roughly 35 articles of clothing, a bag and a half of make-up, 5 pairs of shoes and accessories still pending. Who knew?

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  1. I miss you sarah! I am going to read your blog every day now!!!