Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My First Morning

This morning I woke up at 6am, not because I had to, but because I had been so excited all night that I kept periodically waking up, sure I had missed my alarm. Once I looked down at my clock and realized I did not start working for another three hours I debated going back to bed, but there was no way that was happening so I got up and started getting ready for the day. 
Once up, dressed and put together I ventured upstairs to Zandra’s kitchen/dining room to make a cup of tea, I had been welcomed to do this yesterday but I was still adjusting to my space so I held off, in which case, Kitty, one of the wonderful people who works here, brought me a cup late afternoon after I awoke from taking a much needed nap.
After sitting in the kitchen and having my cup of tea, I realized that this is by far my favorite room in the house. The kitchen alcove area is painted royal blue and there are tea cups, along with every piece of cookware you could imagine lining the walls. The tea selection is more like a tea collection. There are teas here from all over the world, some in colorful pink and blue tins, some in dark tins, and others in big glass vases. I don’t think I have ever seen this much tea in one persons house, and to see everything together makes my eyes large and excited. I finally selected an English Breakfast tea out of a large silver container. It tastes amazing and creamy even though I didn’t add any milk.
I sat with my tea on a stool right next to the kitchen alcove taking in the rest of the room. I didn’t notice this yesterday but the floor is painted with sections of color that transcend from purple to red/pink. In other words, starting in the kitchen area the floor and walls are: purple, and blue, but as you go across the room you will walk over green, yellow, orange, red, then pink. This room is an actual rainbow as the painted floor continues to the walls and fades out to white as you reach the ceiling. 
Along with these colors, there are chairs that, well I would describe what kind they are but the truth is I have never seen chairs like this in my life. They are set up in a circle around a table. All of the chairs as well as the table are very low to the ground, and appear to be hand carved and painted. Its like they are all mini sized, almost like the kind you might have for a tea party as a small child, and yet I can sit comfortably in them. My instances tell me that she has picked these up on her world travels. 
At the other end of the room in the pink and red painted section, there are two tables. One is very large made with a clear, circular, glass top and a large circular orange bottom. The other is similar but a smaller table all together. The Large table is COVERED with rocks, shells, tiny flower vases and other treasures with a giant square vase filled with yellow flowers in the middle. The smaller one has the same decor on its surface, but there is a large custom crystal channeler hanging over it that bursts out of a oversized sculptural flower from the ceiling. On the right side of the room, slightly concealed are racks and racks of Zandra’s garments. To separate them from the rest of the room there are two hand-made and painted changing dividers. 
The last thing I can tell you about this room that will help to describe its beauty is that there are floor to ceiling windows, with a garden deck that you can hang out on. In the garden there are trees, a GIANT gold painted sculpture of what looks like a kind of cat, and many different plants. When the sun shines in London, everything in the garden and this room light up and every bright color seems to illuminate into a harmonious symphony of artistic composition. 
I sit now, in one of the hand painted chairs writing this and looking around, trying to catch all the detail in my words, and yet, I know that even the best writers in the world  would have trouble putting the magic of this room into words. But alas, it is time for me to start my day, and go down to the art room for my first day of work. 

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