Friday, August 10, 2012

Scarves, Sequins, Singing and...No Banksy Art?

AWESOME is one way to describe todays work. In the beginning of the day, I was lost sewing in the sea of sequins that now stalks me in my dreams, but my thread ran out and there is no more of this SPECIFIC gold-yellow, so I can not continue. Instead, I have been given the task of making head scarves that will go on the mannequins with different garments at the upcoming MassArt show. Basically, there is a line up of garments which are in the form of sketches. These drawings are in fact the lineup of garments for the show. There are roughly 10 or so from the show that actually need head scarves to go with their mannequins. To make sure I match the color of thae scarves correctly, I must get out Zandra’s book and find real life photos of each of these sketches. Once that is done, I am to go through bags and bags of Zandra’s scrap fabric from the past. From there I will be making scarves out of the old fabric by sewing them together. I am incredibly excited at any rate because I enjoy contributing to a project in a visual way. Its so rewards to be abel to physically point and say, “I helped with that!”
After work we all went to this free outdoor concert called “The Gay Mens Quire.” It was a bunch of gay men singing traditional older songs with a flair, and in a theatrical way. The men in front had such a great attitude, it was like they used to have a career in musical theater but decided to start doing this instead. 
During the intermission, we stopped at a super market and got dinner. When in the supermarket it was hard not to notice how everyone was stocking up on alcohol to drink during the show. I still haven't gotten used to this whole drinking in public thing thats allowed in the UK. I was telling my friend from work that I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the alcohol in the grocery stores, “Why?” he looked at me slightly concerned like I might be crazy, and slightly as if he might start laughing. “Because,” I said, “instead of red-bull on the shelves people are grabbing vodka and tonics and thats only because the gin and tonics just sold out!” I then went on explaining how exactly alcohol sales work in America and how one would be treated if they went walking down the street drinking casually from an open bottle. When we arrived back to the concert about 75% of the crowd was having a drink, However, if anyone is the weirdo here it would be me with my odd non-drinking American ways, who do I think I am! But I still pick sweets over booze any day of the week, so I sat with my strawberries happy as can be. 
Another funny thing I learned since I have been here is that Banksy graffiti art is not a common London experience! For those of you who don’t know, Banksy is a famous graffiti artist, one of the best. His work is breath taking and ironic at the same time. He is also London based, and most of his work is not exactly legal. I asked someone at Zandra’s about it and she said that his work is so valuable that people literally chip it out of concert buildings or sidewalks and steal it! Further more, I would have to go all the way to Chelsea if I want to see any! I don’t know why I didn’t think stealing public graffiti art was a possibility, I guess the idea of a thief stealing a sidewalk never crossed my mind! He is amazing enough however, and his work is coveted by anyone will a wallet large enough to shell out the money for it, but it shill shocked me! I am so used to the concept of graffiti being a unwanted thing no matter how famous the person doing it is, but this apparently is not at ALL the case when it comes to Banksy. 

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