Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 5 Already!

Scarves is the key word for my work right now, for I will be making 30 of them for the MassArt show. I realized that I said ten in my last post, but after being updated on the project, the true number is 30. I have been taught how to used a new machine the ladies in the studio call “the finisher” which is like a really old version of a pearler. It does not have a knife to cut the fabric, you actually have to keep rolling the fabric into a special sewing foot that looks like a tiny metal wavy. You take the fabric, curl into into the wave and away you go. I think I have finally gotten that hang of it, but we still fight occasionally. I just realized how intimidating the name “the finisher” appears when its written down, but if you add an english accent to it, you will find it sounds quite different and almost cute!
When working on the scarves I had to go though BAGS and BAGS of fabric bits until I found all the right colors with the right sort of prints and correct color-ways to match each particular dress they were to go with at the exhibit. My work station started to look like a closet spontaneously combust right where I was sitting, and now all that exists of it are shards of sweet nothings. The ladies in the work room were laughing and telling me I looked like a wash lady who washing clothing for a living! I told them I was a bit afraid of sinking into the pile of fabric like quick sand and not being abel to find my way out!
Other then being owned by fabric scraps today, I also traced and copied some dress pattern bodices so that the printing department could place the new print on them correctly without compromising the original pattern. I have a feeling most of Zandra’s interns do not usually have formal training when it comes to pattern making, the woman I work with named Michelle was prepared to walk me though what needed to go on a pattern and why. Upon inspecting my first replica of their pattern however, she told me I was good to go and to keep up the good work!
After work I attempted to go to Bond Street. Bond Street is the high end street for fashion stores, but sad to say, it was closing RIGHT as i got there so I will have to leave DIRECTLY after work next week to catch the stores before they close. The stores closing did not prevent me for exploring the street and what it has to offer. As it turns out, whenever I walk down a street with such grand stores and complicated, imaginative window displays, and see that the doors are locked and the gate is down, I almost get the feeling I am walking through an empty mansion with no one home. I never realized this until today but its almost as if, the personality of these stores are just screaming for attention, they are yelling “hello, get to know me, I have a story to tell!” and yet, they are locked up so you can’t even get to know the merchandise inside. Its like having one great conversation with potentially the perfect stranger, but not having the opportunity to know what kind of person they really were. That is how I feel as I walk down this locked up street. But then, out of no where, I noticed all the luxury chocolate stores are still open and my world is bright and sunny again! With a full back of chocolate and a happy heart, I walked back to Oxford and investigated some high end department stores and their merchandise. My new favorite handbag designer is Maison Du Posh! they don’t have the handbag I saw online, or at least I have not found it but it is an AMAZING black leather hobo style with a lot of large zippers going diagonally all over the bag. It truly made me stop and start handling it which I don’t normally need to do with luxury bags, but I could not help myself, love at first sight. 
Now get ready, because this next bit is the best part of the day, bur first I must explain the pre-text to why this was the best part of the day. SO, when I first arrived her in London, it was explained to me by a woman named Kitty that I would be working in the studio 5 days a week 9-530, then on Saturdays, Zandra makes a list of things that need to get done around the house and everyone living at her house does them. These things can be anything from cleaning to watering plants or tending to the garden. Its a way for us to earn our keep here. Since Zandra does not come back to London until the 20th, (the last week of my stay) she has faxed over this list for us to still get everything done while she is gone. So all week long I have been prepared to work on the house Saturday, and Sunday I would have off but everything closes early so I was trying to figure out how I was going to make it work. HOWEVER, when I got home tonight Kitty asked if its ok if we do these chores Sunday instead of Saturday. “YES it is!” I said immediately! For I am going to have the most action packed Saturday of my LIFE! I don’t want to give away ALL of what I am doing, but I WILL tell you I am waking up really early to go to Portobello Street Saturday Market, here is the link and then I have things lined up back to back for the rest of the day, they may or may not involve shopping, or as I like to call it, “intense fashion research,” what can I say, I love what I do! 

When planning for tomorrow I had to take a photo because its like a am planning a war stately, I have the map highlighted and I will attack from the TUBE and BEYOND! Watch out London vintage shops, these legs were made for walkin, and this girl was made for shoppin! 

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