Thursday, August 23, 2012

Andrew Logan's House

I was invited to visit Andrew Logan at his house after work at yoga yesterday, so today I will be journeying the two minute walk from Zandra’s to his house. A story I overheard Kitty telling one night, was that Andrew moved to this area first and told Zandra she should move here as well, and so she did. They both have museums in the buildings they live in of their own work, and live literally within a block of each other.
As I looked from the sidewalk, trying to decide which house was Andrews, I saw a building with 24” thick royal blue trim all around the garage and door, I decide this is Andrew Logan’s house. I went ahead and ring the buzzer, he answered and I stepped inside. Andrew’s house is very much like walking into the actual mind of an artist. You have lots of beautiful things, some finished, some unfinished, some in storage, you have a gallery/art studio as one of the main focal points. I felt like I was Alice stepping into one of the strange wonderful new lands that took me away from reality. 
We walk around the house and he gives me a tour. We then loaded up his car because the next day he was off to some remote retreat to sell jewelry. After that was complete, we walked a bit around his house. This is when I noticed his bathroom. The bathroom in Andrew’s house is AMAZING. It oddly might have been my favorite room. It is very small but every wall is COVERED in shards of mirror. He has personally set in each shard into the wall himself. After marveling of this bathroom, and taking some photos  we got chance to sit down and talk. I personally find Andrew easy to talk to, he has warm energy, he is himself and no one else, and he doesn’t get nervous or stressed when a new person is in his house. He is just so comfortable being in his own skin, and this allows you to be yourself. 
We sat for awhile on his big furry cow-pattern and bright orange couch talking of art, people, and stories from the past. He told me a story about Lady Gaga coming over to look at his work. She said it was wonderful but that it wasn’t quuuuuuite her style. He told me a bit about the 60’s and what has already been done in art and fashion, he told me stories about the first people to do them - almost all of them he is friends with! It was a really nice talk. I was abel to take some photos of his house in between, and  I also later bought a documentary from his story, its called “The British Guide To Showing Off.” Zandra Rhodes is in the documentary as well. I have not actually watched it yet but I want to wait until I get home because I want to watch it and reminisce about my time here, which is quickly coming to a close. 
All too soon it was time to bid Andrew goodnight and go back to Zandra’s, but before I went I had to get a picture of Mike Davis and Andrew Logan in the studio. The flags were their idea but I think its nice!  

Some of Andrew's Work
The Bathroom


Andrew Logan and Mike Davis

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