Saturday, August 18, 2012

8/16 Thursday Brick Lane Dinner

My scarf tally FINALLY hit 20, I have finished 20 scarves since I have been here, and BOY am I proud of it. You know, listening to what goes on in the Zandra Rhodes company is so amazing. The interaction between the colors department, getting the fabric, printing the fabric, and the faxes coming in from Zandra for instructions on what she wants us to do is so complex of a process. The coordination it takes to make one thing go right is incredible. I feel like I am constantly in a classroom, getting to know the ins and outs of a fashion ecosystem. 
During work some friends of my family visited the textile museum which is in the same building but down stairs. Suddenly I realized I too, wanted to visit the textile museum, so I asked one of the woman working in the studio named Frances, how much it costs to visit. She responded that I could actually enter through the back of the studio (and therefor it was free!) This was really cool because the textile museum is not owned by Zandra Rhodes, she has pieces of her clothing in it but it is separate from her studio. I’m not sure how many people visiting it know that while they are visiting a museum, we are working right above them of Zandra Rhodes garments. I got to go visit the museum right then and there when I asked. Frances took me through the connecting door into the museums office area and introduced me to everyone that works behind the scenes, and then I was off to check out the textile exhibit. 
The exhibit its self is great! It is a transition of time periods, influences, textiles and garments that are all retro pieces. It addresses the beginnings of textiles coming into fashion. I really enjoyed the history. 
After work I met up with the Shames Family and some of their friends and we all went to the brick lane area. Upon arriving there we walked through a shopping mall made ENTILY out of storage containers! There was one store in the mall and all they sold were one-sies! I was very tempted but saner minds prevailed. After, we headed down brick lane and stopped to get a drink at this little bar/cafe called Full Stop. I tried ginger beer for the first time which is AWESOME, more like ginger-ale that is alcoholic. I don’t like beer in general, I have actually never been willing to have more then 3 sips of beer because with each sip it tastes worse to me, so for me to finish anything that is labels beer, means its VERY tasty. 
Then it was off to have some Indian food! This was REALLY exciting because I have herd Indian food in England is REALLY good, which it was. We went into this little restaurant that Lisa had heard good things about. Let me remind you, we had a party size of 9 people so we were a force to be reckoned with when coming into this establishment. It was worth it though, the food was great, the conversation was better, my friend Lise and Shawn ordered two dishes to split, one was called the Tiger Fire or something resembling that. That dish was SO hot, I had less then a fork full and it was HOT HOT HOT. I  HAD to take before and after photos of Lisa and Shawn to document the decision of ordering such a spicy dish!
         When dinner was over, it was time to take the bus back to London Bridge. Tomorrow is Thursday, and because i finished the scarves until next weeks rounds I will be working on a new project that I must be on my game for. 

Before the spicy food test
After the spicy food test

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