Sunday, February 3, 2013

Part Two: My Real Life (Back to Boston)

Hello again! After returning from London and my adventure with Zandra Rhodes, I seemed to have fallen down the rabbit hole into my work and away from my blog. However, nothing could keep me away forever. Thus I’m Back, with a bag full of crazy stories, and a future full of possible success.
          To catch you up we will go back to the basics. There has been so much I have not told you about that the easiest way to get this going is to itemize what you have missed, since I last wrote. So here it is, In chronological order:

1.) Returned to MassArt to set up a Zandra Rhodes textile exhibit. (the exhibit is unfortunately over, however I will eventually show you the exhibit in my blog, and how it was set up.)
2.) Started my final year of college at Massachusetts College of Art and Design
3.) Designed a 5 piece collection for my final year, and created 3 of the 5 looks. 
4.) Met up with AndrĂ© Leon Talley and Zandra Rhodes at the VIP Zandra Rhodes exhibit tour and dinner. 
5.) Applied to the Wearable world of Art competition in New Zealand, and started creating the garments for the competition. 
6.) Started applying for jobs after graduation which is more of an adventure then you think it would be. I will eventually give you the 411 on how THATS going

This is the list my life has revolved around since I wrote last. The only thing not on that list would be that my boyfriend of 5 years has moved into my apartment immediately after I came home from London. I will tell you now, there is no better test of love for a man then moving into his girlfriends 1 bedroom, shoe box of an apartment, but we will get into that later. 
So hold tight, get cozy, and continue to tune into my blog. This is part two, my real life. I will be taking you into my home, school, and work in Boston Massachusetts. I am going to give you a view into everything, from how much work it takes to have anyone give a dam about you, to how to set up a gallery space for a big exhibit. I am going to tell you what it feels like to live a life where everything that you earn, you must work for as if you have nothing in this world that is more important. Lastly, I am going to tell you about how it feels, the sacrifices you make, and how I wouldn’t give this crazy life up for the world. So don’t call it a come back, because I really haven't gone anywhere...yet!

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