Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Word to the Wise

Fashion design is like walking a tight rope. On one shoulder you have your sanity, on the other your physical health. In your mind you hold your creation, over your head, the threat of failure. You walk this tightrope, trying not to look down, trying to balance it all as you know it is an act that requires you to keep your eyes on the prize. You know that if you stumble and fall, the time lapse it will take to pick yourself up is time you can’t spare if you are going to make your deadlines. Your aiming to be the 1% of the population who makes it, your planning on somehow making it to the top in your own right. All the odds stare you in the eyes as you see that nothing comes by chance. So you work, you work every day as hard as you can. The work you start producing becomes your way of screaming to the world why you are the person who can make it. But is it enough? You question this and come up without an answer to put your mind at ease. The stress threatens to drown you so you better be a good swimmer of positive thought to keep your vision of making it in the front of your mind. Positive thoughts become as important as the air you breath, for as the true artist, there is no such thing as good enough. You know you will do it better next time, but right now is all the counts. You want the world in an hour when all you have is a minute. You win some awards and people congratulate you, pat you on the back. But your already on the next project because you know that your only as good as todays achievements, and those awards and already yesterdays news. What have you done today? Why should the world care? You brain allows your genius if only you would let go. The world tries to tell you the right way to be working, you block it out and do what works. You do all of this with purpose, with conviction, wondering if you will get a break to show the world what you can do. For now, you live as loud as possible, trying to make a connection unfound in the present, but maybe existing somewhere in the future. For now, you live as an ant, unnoticed, small, and by no means an impact on the field you have started to obsess over. The only solution is to continue like your life depends on it. “An object that is in motion will not change its velocity unless an unbalanced force acts upon it.”-Newtons first law of motion. I plan to be that object moving forward, and if an unbalanced force comes my way, I plan to bob and weave until I get around it. My friend once told me “Healthy people look at life's challenges as an adventure, not a stress.” Since then, when I am lost, or feeling defeated I smile, because on the on the cliff destruction, comes the breakthrough of success if you know how to find it. 

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